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Kunle Remi stars as Money in this series

If money could talk, what would it say to you?
Kunle Remi, as Money battles four roommates who don't understand his true worth.

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  • From quick fire quizzes to daily finance literacy lessons. Money can explore its fun and competive side.
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  • Money explores different options to grow and multiply. From High yield savings and Mutual funds, money is spoilt for choice.
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Money Testimonials

Instead of investing me in a licensed platform, I was put into shady investment deals and get-rich-quick schemes, where the promise of huge profits clouded their judgment. But instead of making more of me, they lost all of me. Then, I was put in Zedcrest Wealth, and all I have done is grow in size. This is the best decision yet!

Lost Money

Every day, I'm constantly moving between apps, seeking unrealistically fast returns, but I often end up losing value in the process. However, when I started using the Zedcrest Wealth app, I found stability and the ability to diversify myself in one place, without the need for constant movement.

Fast Money

With various fintech companies popping up all over the place that don't stand the test of time, it's been difficult to know who to trust with my legacy. You see, I'm a bit 'old-fashioned' and I firmly believe in regulated entities. That's why when I found the Zedcrest Wealth app, it immediately felt like a well-structured home for my dynasty.

Old Money

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